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1The Tri-Carb® family is a range of computer-controlled benchtop liquid scintillation analyzers for measuring small amounts of beta, gamma and alpha radioactivity. They are the most sensitive detectors on the market, with models capable of meeting the requirements of even the most demanding applications, as well as environmental and nuclear power applications.
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TopCount NXT™
TopCount NXT™ is your best choice for speed, accuracy, and versatility in microplate counting. With Windows NT®-based operating software and built-in Hologram® relational database software .If you need to count gammas, betas, or luminescent samples, TopCount NXT™ will do it without interfering crosstalk. Perform solid scintillation, liquid scintillation, filter counting, Cerenkov counting, SPA, and scintillating microplate counting.
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MicroBeta2™ plate counters deliver high efficiency, low background counting of beta, gamma, and glow luminescence samples in 24-, 96- and 384-well microplates and microvials.
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Quantulus® An ultra-low level spectrophotometer and dedicated environmental counter that delivers proven unsurpassed performance measuring extremely low levels of man-made, cosmogenic and other natural radionucleotides. Quantulus® provides the lowest possible 3H backgrounds and the highest beta and/or alpha liquid scintillation sensitivity and counting performance resulting in excellent long-term stability
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The Oxidizer utilizes the patented "open/close" flame oxidation technology. The result: an oxidizer that will expand your experimental designs in liquid scintillation counting. Combustion of sample material increases accuracy in LS counting. Sample Oxidation is the complete combustion of a sample. This technique is principally used for Tritium and Carbon-14 sample preparation prior to LSC counting.
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