Our Services

As a leading provider of advanced scientific solutions, we are committed to quality, service, and customer support.
We work hand in hand with our customers and channel partners to meet their expected needs.
Our services start from identifying the ideal solution, procurement, integration, application support and technical service.


Technical Support Department

Our Company provides professional engineering services for all of our state-of-the-art equipment. Our engineers support and provide solution on field and at our labs as per client convenience and requirements.

Application Support

We offer a wide portfolio to support the needs of researchers in academia, biotechnology and the pharmaceutical industry. Expert support can be the difference between ordinary experimental results and extraordinary ones. It can make your research faster, simpler, and more effective. Our team of specialists can help you with:
• Technical product information and selection
• Application questions
• Troubleshooting advice
• Pricing or product availability

Customer Support
We have assembled an experienced team to assist you with all of your support needs.
Purchase & Import

Our Purchasing Department provides professional and efficient procurement services and supports our activities, including: Orders and shipments with more than 100 suppliers, Release shipments from Israel Customs and monitor their arrival at the company’s warehouses, Issuing all necessary government certificates for importation


With efficient storage methods, a professional team and services such as inventory management, distribution systems, and new technology capabilities, Eisenberg has become a leading logistics company.

1 Sderot HaTa’asiyot, Millennium Center,
4th FL P.O. Box 184, Modi’in 7171101, Israel
Tel: +972-3-9777000
Fax: +972-3-9777001
Mail : info@eb1.co.il

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